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Play The Australian Lottery Online:

Australian lottery can now be played online from the uk and any where else in the world, you can now buy tickets in the official government run, Australian national lottery. Australian Lottery runs several games a week, and tickets for any of these games can be purchased at Oz Lotteries.

When you purchase Australian lottery tickets online at Oz Lotteries you are buying real tickets, every time you buy a ticket online a real ticket is printed in Australia and held on your behalf by Oz Lotteries. Purchases can be made on your credit card, and any winnings are directly deposited into your online account, your winnings can then be withdrawn buy check, PayPal, or direct bank deposit.

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Oz lotteries sells real lottery tickets:

Just like those you buy at the store. There are many benefits in buying your weekly Australian lottery tickets online from Oz lotteries, some of these are:

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  • Easy "Quickpick" function to choose your numbers at random.


About Oz lotteries

Oz lotteries is the exclusive distributor of lottery products via the Internet on behalf of leading Australian lottery exporters, TMS Global Services Pty Ltd and TMS New South Wales.

TMS is Australia's largest exporter of lottery products with over 500,000 customers being serviced in over 40 countries. TMS distributes lottery products worldwide via mail-order and as a direct lottery service partner for a number of Asian and South Pacific nations.

TMS operates under strict government supervision and are accredited international representatives for Australian Lottery games.

TMS has the right to market and retail Australian lottery products both Internationally and within Australia.

International Members Welcome!

You don't have to be an Australian resident to play Australian lotto at Oz lotteries. All games are held in Australia by Oz lotteries who can purchase games and make claims on behalf of its members. Every game purchased through Oz lotteries is automatically registered in your name so any prize you win is fully guaranteed. NEW!!!



*Subject to terms and conditions.